Soundtrack Loops – Latin Percussion (WAV, REX, AIFF, REFILL, BATTERY, EXS24, NNXT)

By | May 28, 2023


Manufacturer: Soundtrack Loops
Website: Soundtrack Loops
Format: Wav, Rex, Aiff, Refill, Battery, Exs24, NNXT
Quality: 24 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Stereo channels

Description : Soundtrack Loops ‘Latin Percussion – loops and samples in seven Latin genres – son montuno, bossa, samba, bolero, afro cuban in 6/8, cha cha cha, and timba. Each genre includes elements of traditional percussion as well as some non-traditional drums.
The set includes Timbale, Congas, Bongos, Pandeiro, Shaker, Clave, Block, Agogo Bells, Cowbells, Kick, Snare, Toms, Hi Hat, Ride, and Crash. Each genre has its own individual percussion loops.

Content :
300+ Wav Loops & Hits
227 Aiff Loops
138 Rex Loops
3 Exs24 Files
3 NNXT Files
3 Battery Files
Reason Refill

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