MacProvideo – Superior Drummer 2: Killer Drums (TUTORIAL)

By | August 5, 2023


Year of issue: 03/10/2011
Producer: MacProVideo
Manufacturer website:
Author: Toby Pitman
Duration: 255 minutes
Handout type: Video tutorial
English language

Description: Superior Drummer 2.0 is a great virtual drum kit. This course is dedicated to her. Absolutely all facets of this wonderful instrument will be considered – from organizing your own drum kit to shaping your own sound.

Make “Killer” drum tracks using Superior Drummer 2.0! This comprehensive tutorial shows you all you need to know to make phat beats with Toontrack’s flagship drum software.
Superior Drummer is Toontrack’s flagship drum sampler software. Its extensive library of sounds include highly sought after instruments and kits recorded in the finest studios all over the world. But the great drum sounds in SD2 are only a part of what you need to do to make great sounding drum parts. The real art of creating sampled drum tracks with Superior Drummer is knowing how to harness the percussive power of this awesome instrument.
In this tutorial Toby Pitman will take you through every aspect of the SD2 interface. He’ll explain how the software works and show you cool tips and tricks that will uncover the more creative and less known possibilities of this powerful drum tool.
Next, Toby takes you even deeper into SD2’s extensive feature set covering every aspect of this amazing drum sampler instrument. He covers topics like building custom kits, using expansion packs and using midi controllers to enhance the realism of the performance.
So if you want to learn how to program killer drum tracks like Toby Pitman and also learn all about Superior Drummer, this tutorial will open your mind to new techniques while at the same time inspire you to take your drumming to the highest level possible.

Content :
1 Introduction
2. Anatomy Of A Kit
3. Expanding SD2
5. Making Selections
6. Auditioning Sounds
7. Loading Instrument Sounds
8. Tools Menu
9. The Envelope
10. Pitch
12.Construct Menu
13.Memory And Status
14.Instrument panel
15. Voice And Layer
16. EZ Mixer
17. Mixer Overview
18.Built In Fx
20.Bleed Controls
21. Fade controls
22. Output Assignments
23 Grooves Overview
24. Playing Grooves
25. Drag And Drop MIDI
26. Importing Midi
27. Mapping Overview
28. Mapping Compatibility
29. Assigning Sounds
30.MIDI Nodes
31. MIDI Node Examples
32. Velocity Mapping
33.Basic Operation
34.Bleed Settings
35. Bounce Through Mixer
36.Split Microphone
37.Basic Settings
38. Setting Library paths
39.Setting Default Kits
40. Creating X-Drums
41. Assigning Sounds
42. Microphone Assignments
43. MIDI Mapping Options
44. Expanding A Kit
45. Combined Presets
46 Saving Combined Presets
47. Loading Combined Presets
48 Saving And Loading Projects
49. Controlling Hi-Hats
50. Snare Control
51 Cymbal Chokes
52. Twisted kit
53.Score Kit
54. General Tips
55. Quantizing
56. Rolls and ruffs
57. Using Pads

Sample files: not provided
Video: Codec: H264 – MPEG-4 AVC Resolution: 960×540 Frame rate: 10 732kbps
Audio: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a) Channels: stereo Sample rate: 44100Hz 112kbps

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