Mutekki Media – Ultimate Vocals Vol.1 (WAV)

By | August 25, 2023


Producer: Mutekki Media
Website: Mutekki Media
Format: wav
Quality: 16 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz Stereo channels

Description : Ultimate Vocals Volume 1 by Mutekki Media features a variety of professional male and female vocal performances. Ultimate Vocals Volume 1 includes more than 350 vocal pieces and 20 total composed songs. All of the dance music vocal samples here are produced for standard M.A.S. de Vries. All songs are provided with b.p.m. and a suggested theme.

Content :
735 wav Loops

The age old problem, you miss a vocal hook for your dance track? Now you just need a vocalist who fits, an idea or even a songwriter, adequate studio technology as well as the know-how for vocal recording and time – or Ultimate Vocals Vol.1 from Mutekki Media! Diverse professional miscellaneous male and female vocalists perform more than 350 vocal fragments and 20 entire composed songs. All produced in the highest quality and using state-of-the-art studio technology by M.A.S. de Vries and ready for instant application. All songs are provided with b.p.m. and suggested keynote. The vocals, which have been written by songwriters for acts such as Pulsedriver, Keira Green, Central Seven, Sam G., Katie Jewels and DJ C7 can be adopted perfectly in genres such as Hands Up, Dance, Trance, House and Club, but can also be weaved into allied genres without any problems.

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