Audio Modeling – SWAM Solo Brass Bundle v3.7.2.5169 (STANDALONE, VSTi, VST3i) [WiN x64]

By | October 27, 2023


Year/Date of Release : 10/20/23
Developer : Audio Modeling.
Developer’s website : Audio Modeling
Bit capacity : 64bit
Tablet : Cured [lies]
System requirements : WIN 10+

Description :
SWAM Solo Brass is a collection of solo wind instruments, conceived and developed by Stefano Lucato and the entire Audio Modeling team.
These tools are based on physical modeling technology and do not use any samples.
The SWAM Solo Brass Collection includes fifteen instruments grouped into product families:
SWAM Trumpets, SWAM Trombones, and SWAM Horns and Tubas.
SWAM Solo Brass allows composers, musicians and performers to play – both in the recording studio
and during live performances – the most expressive and realistic virtual solo brass instruments
ever conceived, thanks to real-time controllable virtual instruments with the same natural reactions, like their traditional counterparts.

Start playing for real :
Handcrafted with digital technology, SWAM Engine’s acoustic instruments are not just recording notes using sample libraries, but a collection of real-life virtual instruments modeled after their traditional counterparts. While the sample library replicates pre-recorded sound, SWAM’s horns and tubas are implemented using modeling technology.
Control the expression of virtual acoustic instruments, overcome the limitations of traditional samplers, and benefit from the seamless consistency that comes from the endless expressive parameters that are unique to each live performance.

Five handcrafted digital virtual instruments :
SWAM Horns and Tubas includes five realistic virtual instruments – bass tuba, tuba (Eb), euphonium, horn (F) and French horn (Bb). SWAM technology ensures the same natural responses as real instruments, allowing you to compose and arrange jazz, orchestral pieces or concertos using powerful instruments with natural, fluid expression.

For stage and studio work :
Choose SWAM horns and tubas for composing, producing or performing. Physics simulation allows you to reproduce in real time all the articulations characteristic of these instruments, affecting their basic physical elements such as pipe length, breath pressure and lip tension. In horns, the sound can be modulated using the hand inside the bell. You can also play pedal notes by turning on the extra valve option. This feature is now available for all SWAM family wind instruments.

Play with real time controls :

Control the following parameters in real time using MIDI controllers or your DAW

Expression (dynamics).
Transitions from one note to another (staccato/legato/portamento) without switching keys.
Vibrato depth (from normal to shaking).
Vibrato speed.
Portamento time.
Trembling tongue.
Breathing noise.
Volume adjustment (wah/hand).
Attack noise on the piano.
Attack tongue.
Muting the sound.
Trumpet gesture.
Number of half valves.
Valves and slide position.
Dynamic pitch.
Main volume.
Panorama control.
Reverb mix


Digitally Handcrafted Instruments :
Tired of giant libraries of pre-recorded sounds and the limitations of traditional samplers? SWAM Horns and Tubas are the solution. It was developed by Audio Modeling using SWAM (Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling) technology, based on a combination of innovative performance techniques and physical and behavioral modeling concepts. SWAM Horns and Tubas are sample-free and take up very little memory or RAM space.
Controlled in real time via MIDI controllers, SWAM Horns and Tubas require only minimal space to create the perfect organic consistency, driven by an infinite number of expressive parameters that are unique to each live performance.

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