UVI – Super-7 v1.0.3 (UVI Workstation, Falcon)

By | February 12, 2024


Publisher: UVI
Website: UVI Super-7
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Roland MKS-7 (Super Quartet) SOUND ARSENAL of the 80s.
Very good for Synthwave, Electro Funk and Electronic Disco.
Authentic 80’s synths and drum machines with creative arpeggiator.
Over 260 patches, including original sounds and patterns, as well as completely new creations.

Comprehensive editing features with individual instruments and multiplexers. The Super-7 delivers ’80s sounds inspired by the Roland MKS-7, an 8-voice rackmount synthesizer that combines the analog architecture of the famous Roland JUNO-106 with the PCM sounds of the TR-7o7 drum machine. A coveted instrument that is often imitated and still popular today, the JUNO-106 has been widely used by artists of all backgrounds, from pop legends Depeche Mode to the highly eclectic duo Autechre. This powerful and dynamic synth is capable of enriching modern pieces with its gorgeous, character-filled tones, or enveloping entire pieces with its typical 80s warmth.

The Super-7 takes things a little further, combining the sounds of the JUNO-106 with the TR-6o6, TR-626, TR-7o7, TR-8o8 and TR-9o9.

Super-7 takes on the concept and structure of Program-24, this time exploring the realms of synthwave, new wave, electro, house, 80s synthpop, etc. We multisampled a variety of patches designed specifically for the MKS-7. Each sample was recorded in standard, choral and noise versions. So you enjoy the sound of the original instrument with a completely modern approach.
The MKS-7 includes the sounds of the original drum machine, but we’ve gone even further by including vintage drums from a range of legendary TR 6o6, 626, 7o7, 8o8 and 9o9 machines, as well as a variety of modern sounds created using Drum Designer.

In addition to drums, each Super-7 instrument layer has its own amplitude envelope, a multi-mode filter with envelope, effects including Drive, Phasor and EQ, send effects including reverb and delay, and a complex arpeggiator/phrase generator designed to create your own moving sequences . You can modify and customize these modules down to the last detail, explore the large collection of presets designed for both the sound engine and the arpeggiator, or even create your own.

You have everything you need to create stunning analog synth phrases, basslines, rhythms, arpeggios, melodies, and even entire songs. The Super-7 is inspiring, versatile and especially fun. With six different sound layers, you have separate control over 8 drum, bass and melody tracks, plus 3 versatile synth parts. Use them however you see fit, from traditional instruments to creative combinations and effects.

In addition to the multi-tool, each part is available separately. This way you can download only what you need for your arrangement. Each of the standalone instruments is identical to its multi counterpart, with the same set of parameters, effects, effects sends, arpeggiator and presets. Use them for targeted sound design that only requires one instrument, or to create additional instances of certain instruments.

And if you prefer to get lost in the mysteries of sound design, Super-7 has a lot of potential for experimentation, although it can also provide you with inspiration when you need it. With its impressive collection of ready-made sounds and musical ideas, Super-7 offers a generous selection of 260 original patches that will allow you to unleash the full sonic potential of the instrument and the creativity of our team of sound engineers.

Super-7 takes you on a tour of the legendary sounds of the 80s with stunning quality and an exceptional bank of presets. You have everything you need to create authentic pieces, from the most vintage to the most modern, on the same instrument.

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