By | February 17, 2024


Publisher: lapix
Format: WAV
Quality: 16 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: A landmark collection of high-tech samples HiTECH NINJA SAMPLES vol.4 from lapix, who leads the high-tech scene, also known as Hitech Ninja.
This is the largest collection of the entire series! Be careful with this weapon! This is a high-tech sound that should be called a secret ninja technique. This package contains the immediate power to produce high-tech dance music. High tech, psychedelic, the perfect library and inspiration for interested ninjas and DTM newbies! Also included is a special demo song written by lapix!

Content :
Acid x 15

Bass x 98

Claps x 41
Crash Cymbals x 23
Open Hi-hats x 42
Fills x 30
KickRolls x 12
Kicks x 45
Loops x 37
Snares x 30

Booms x 11
Hits x 15
Impacts x 11
PsyMisc x 30
Rises x 10
Scratchy and Backspin x 15
Sweep Down x 10
Sweep Up x 12
Zaps x 20

Synths x 85
Synths HiTECH Loops x 20

Vocals and Shouts x 58

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