Ghosthack – Origin – Cinematic Opus Magnum (WAV, MIDI)

By | February 23, 2024


Publisher: Ghosthack
Website: Ghosthack
Format: WAV, MIDI
Quality: 24 bit / 48 kHz / 2304 kbps / stereo

From the Author – “Origin – Begin a journey of sound through 4 chapters. Imagine an intergalactic gate teleporting you to other planets: Origin takes you on a journey filled with ethnic music and Arabic vocals with sci-fi elements, using handcrafted instruments and detailed hardware synthesis to create an otherworldly journey. Never experience writer’s block again with 37 hours of audio content waiting for you to discover. A total of 36 GB of free cinematic sounds in 4 themed sound packs. 60 building and drama packs contain full music tracks, divided by STEM, accompanied by Lots of premium sound effects and loops.Each chapter maintains a consistent key and tempo, allowing you to mix the included sounds, thereby creating countless possibilities for music tracks.The ideal sound package for filmmakers, composers and game designers who want to add specialized themes to specific settings scenes. Origin is our best and largest set of cinematic sounds, allowing you to create stunning soundscapes and textures. Origin is compatible with all DAWs and video editing software to help you create better music, movies and games….”

– Includes 40 Construction Kits with 2,162 STEMs (wet & dry) and MIDI
– Includes 20 Dramatic Kits with 723 STEMs (wet & dry) and MIDI
– Contains 37+ Hours of Audio Material
– 3,601 Total Files

The Bundle Includes the Following 4 Sound Packs:

Origin – Chapter One: Arctic
10 Construction Kits
with 552 STEMs (wet & dry) and MIDI
5 Dramatic Kits
with 176 STEMs (wet & dry) and MIDI
20 Arctic Impacts (wet & dry option)
30 Sound FX (wet & dry option)
10 Percussion STEMs

Chapter one of the epic and sprawling Ghosthack Origin collection is entitled Arctic. This incredibly comprehensive set consists of more than 10GB of immersive sound design and transcending composition, conjuring moods and aesthetics of cold, harsh, barren landscapes, and the crippling loneliness of extreme isolation.
Featuring 10 full music construction kits, 5 dramatic music construction kits, supporting percussion STEMs and cinematic sound effects, Arctic is built to make your music-making journey intuitive, organic and inspiring. Each sound, stem and corresponding MIDI files are all in the same key and and BPM, making it seem like there is never any limit to what you can create as you return to this immense collection again and again. …
Instantly transport your audience to far away places with engrossing soundscapes and moving melodies. Each theme in the construction kits may be its own, but when you begin to co-mingle the various parts from different themes you start to experience something entirely new. Something that has not been created before in quite the same way. And yet, there is still continuity and common threads running through all of it. So you are able to easily create your own worlds and experiences in them.
The spectrum of instruments, textures and effects used in the production of Arctic is truly impressive. You will be hard-pressed to find another pack like it, outside of the Ghosthack Origin collection that is. Featuring sounds from around the world, it weaves an enchanting web of possibilities.
A very deep and rich production experience is awaiting you in Arctic. Once you dive in, you won’t stop. It will pull you back. And your audience will not forget it either. This is truly a must-have addition for anyone producing for screen. But it is also incredibly inspiring and just as relevant for general music production.
Arctic is 100% royalty-free and all content included is cleared for use in your projects, big or small. We’d love to know what how you’re using the collection. Send a message our way so we can check it out!

Origin – Chapter Two: Arabic
10 Construction Kits
with 618 STEMs (wet & dry) and MIDI
Includes Over 20 Vocal Files
5 Dramatic Kits
with 183 STEMs (wet & dry) and MIDI
127 Male Vocals (wet & dry option)
Including Shouts, Ad-libs, Diaphonic, High and Low Chants
22 Live-Recorded Quena Flute STEMs (dry)
20 Desert Impacts (wet & dry option)
30 Sound FX (wet & dry option)
10 Percussion STEMs

Arabic is the second chapter of the Ghosthack Origin collection. The dry, arid expanse of the region is felt in every instrument, every sound, and every moment of the staggering 11GB of content included. Featuring enchanting vocals, a wide variety of hand-made ethnic instruments, incredibly dynamic performances, and unrivaled production quality. This pack will take you and your audience to the far reaches of the Desert to experience its surrounding cultures, traditions and sounds. It’s all brought together in epic form, with no end to what can be created.
Like its counterparts in the Ghosthack Origin collection, Arabic features 10 full music construction kits, 5 ambient music construction kits, supporting percussion stems, cinematic sound effects and MIDI files. It’s designed to make music-making intuitive, organic and inspiring. Every file included is in the same key and BPM, which means you can play freely without having to worry if elements will clash. …
Get lost in the swirling melange of timbres, like waves of sand blowing across the dunes. The mysterious, alluring and downright intoxicating blend of rippling textures, percussive undulations and melodic meanderings will both enchant and haunt you. It’s everything you hope for when making truly immersive and utterly engrossing cinematic music and soundscapes.
Authentic hand-crafted percussion come alive in polyrhythmic ensembles that drive dramatic musical sequences in ways that feel both natural and larger than life at the same time. There’s a touch of mystique and adventure in each theme, and together they create a much larger world than you might expect. The more adventurous and daring you become in cross-pollinating between construction kits, the more liberated and genuinely satisfied you will be.
There are more unexpected discoveries, twist and turns awaiting you in Arabic than you’re anticipating. You may find yourself creating far more than you’re anticipating as well. You can do so knowing that everything in the Ghosthack Origin collection is 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects right now.

Origin – Chapter Three: Archive
10 Construction Kits
with 596 STEMs (wet & dry) and MIDI
5 Dramatic Kits
with 175 STEMs (wet & dry) and MIDI
20 Digital Impacts (wet & dry option)
30 Sound FX (wet & dry option)
10 Percussion STEMs

Step into the digital underworld of cyberpunk, gripping investigative crime dramas and riveting forensic thrillers. Archive is the third chapter of the Ghosthack Origin collection and it designed to deliver exactly the kind of edge-of-your-seat, deep and immersive sci-fi laden soundtracks you’re programmed to desire. With over 7.1GB of non-stop synthetic ear candy, Archive grants access to cerebral music themes and sound effects that coalesce to create the sound of a future that leans apocalyptic with dark, atmospheric overtones.
Reminiscent of many a cult favorite, the beautifully detuned and perfectly degraded synths blend with pulsating basslines and rhythmic sequences riddled with digital oddities that please us so much. Dramatic strings, horns and other orchestral elements surge and emerge at all the right times, in just the right ways to push the emotional impact of the entire hybrid mix over the top. …
Featuring copious amounts of interchangeable and cooperative music stems, alongside retro future sound effects and infectious rhythmic elements, Archive has 15 music exhaustive construction kits. Each with its own unique theme, together these kits create an endless digital world of music and sound design to freely explore and use in your projects.
From corrupt data to corrupt social systems, the future may be bleak, but it sounds amazing. You can create never-ending cinematic music cues and soundscapes that rival the very best sci-fi franchises we’ve all come to love. And you can do it in a matter of minutes or hours, not days or weeks. The entire pack is comprised of elements created in the same key and BPM, so they work together incredibly well on a fundamental level.
Every file is encoded with authentic inspiration, and guaranteed free of all malicious digital pathogens. Archive and all other chapters in the Ghosthack Origin collection are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in any project created before Earth year 2347AR, in accordance with NGFC Alliance Content Treaty #1660-F.

Origin – Chapter Four: Paradox
10 Construction Kits
with 396 STEMs (wet & dry) and MIDI
5 Dramatic Kits
with 189 STEMs (wet & dry) and MIDI
20 Paradox Impacts (wet & dry option)
30 Sound FX (wet & dry option)
10 Percussion STEMs

We have no idea what truly awaits us in the far reaches of space. But if there are alien adventures across the galaxies in our future, Paradox has the sounds to create the soundtrack with. The fourth and final chapter in the sweeping sonic saga of the Ghosthack Origin collection, Paradox features over 7.5GB of cinematic music elements and sound effects, spanning 15 music construction kits and a wealth of accompanying rhythmic sequences and MIDI files.
Full of exciting and unrecognizable textures and timbres, this celestial production arsenal is ideal for anyone creating for film, television or video games. With out-of-this-world sound design enveloping stellar composition, this curated production library is made entirely of files in the same key and BPM. This means you can produce endless constellations of music cues fit for the best feature length films, or create limitless sonic sci-fi wonderlands to explore in open world games in a fraction of the time compared to traditional means. …
Space is vast and the number of alien worlds it plays host to is unfathomable. The pace at which the Paradox collection unfolds is perfectly aligned with the weightless and unrelenting, sprawling isolation of the endless vacuum we float in. Deliver unsettling cinematic music cues and soundscapes that are both incredibly rich and stark at once. The juxtaposition of organic and synthetic sounds gives you the ability to quickly discover new combinations of life. The potential outcomes are hard to calculate.
You’ll explore exotic worlds and fantastic, unexpected outcomes every time you sit down to work with Paradox. And you can do so knowing that every file in the entire Ghosthack Origin collection is 100% royalty-free, both here on Earth and across the heavens.

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