Anemond – Factoid 2 v2.0.1 – R2R (STANDALONE, VST3i) [WiN x64]

By | March 8, 2024


Release Year/Date : 02/25/24
Developer : Anemond.
Developer’s website : Anemond
Bit depth : 64bit
Tablet : Present [R2R]
System requirements : WIN 10+

Description :
~ Endless variations of clips ~
Factoid is a lightweight music plugin and a separate application that allows you to remix and randomize any audio clip.
Using the same machine learning-based decomposition engine as Factorsynth, it decomposes any audio into a set of layers that
can be manually remixed, muted, or randomly shifted in time to change the temporal structure of the clip.
Create new drum patterns on the fly, turn melodies into textures, remix and randomize
full mixes, and experiment with any sounds!
Factoid version 2 is a complete redesign of the original Max For Live device in the form of a VST/AU plugin and a separate application.
It includes new features such as individual component control and audio export.

Factoid capabilities
How does Factoid work? ?
Based on the same machine learning decomposition engine as Factorsynth, Factoid is capable of extracting 2 to 8 components that overlap in time in the original sample. For example, in a drum loop, it can often separate snare from kick, even if they are playing at the same time in the original clip. Once extracted, the various layers can be remixed and time-shifted, with or without quantization.
What is the difference between Factoid and Factorsynth? ?
Both Factoid and Factorsynth are based on the idea of ​​decomposing sounds into spectrally and temporally similar components. However, Factorsynth is a full-fledged sound design studio, allowing cross-synthesis and component editing, while Factoid takes some of the features of its larger sibling and focuses on easily generating loop variations with a much simpler interface and less CPU and memory consumption.

Installation and registration :

Block access to sites

Using a firewall, adding a line to the hosts file – choose the method that suits you best.

Activation/Registration :
Run the TurboActivate.exe file located in the Activator folder.
Select “More Options”.
Select “Manual Offline Activation”.
Run our keygen and select a product.
Copy “Serial” in the keygen and paste it into the “Product Key” of the activator.
In the activator, click the “Next” button.
Click the “Save Activation Request File” button in the activator and save the request file.
Click the “Generate” button in the keygen and open the request file, then save the response file.
Click “Open Activation Answer File” in the activator and open the answer file.

If you accidentally closed the keygen and activator after entering “Product Key”,
run the activator again and select “Retype your product key” instead of “Other options”.
Then enter your new “Product Key” and click Next, select “Manually Activate Offline”.
You can continue activation.
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Activation video

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