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Publisher: Bold Void
Format: KONTAKT (7.2+)
Quality: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: Cutting-Edge Trailer ToolsALL ABOUT TRAILER MUSIC
The most advanced tools for creating music in trailers
A complete set of tools for creating trailer music with aggressively processed sounds
Over 200 sound effects. Over 40 playable cinematic synths. Discover the latest, best-selling cinematic synths. Great for overdubbing with a traditional orchestra or as a cinematic surround sound on its own. Over 200 carefully crafted sound effects in the AFTERMATH trailer allow for larger-than-life compositions. Be sure to check out the included WAV folder if you prefer to drag them straight into your DAW. Change the sound of synths and single frames to your liking with a powerful 8-slot effects chain.

Additional Information :
Cutting-Edge Trailer Tools
Complete trailer music production suite with aggressively processed sounds
200+ One-Shot sound effects, WAV folder included
40+ Playable cinematic synths
Massive Cinematic Synths
Discover modern, highly coveted cinematic synths. Great for layering with a traditional orchestra or as a standalone massive cinematic sound.
Customizable One-Shots
With over 200 aggressively processed trailer sound effects AFTERMATH ensures to create a larger-than-life compositions. Don’t forget to have a look at the included WAV folder if you prefer to drag and drop them right into your DAW.
Make It Your Sound
Change the sound of the synths and one-shots to your liking with a powerful 8-slots effects chain.

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