Big Fish Audio – Tower Of Funk (wav)

By | August 7, 2016


As one of the original pioneers of funk, David Garibaldi is a true drum legend. His unmistakable style is the foundation of the 1970’s icon funk/R&B band Tower of Power. David’s drumming supported the band’s fiery grooves throughout the 70’s, making him an undeniable influence on generations of drummers to follow. In addition to appearing in a variety of studio and live settings, his signature grooves have often been sampled and served as the pillar for numerous 80’s and 90’s hit songs. Without David Garibaldi, Funk, R&B and Hip Hop would just not be the same.

Six years in a row, David won the Modern Drummer Reader’s Poll “R&B/Funk” category. His name now permanently resides in the poll’s honor roll category for his lasting contributions to funk percussive arts. Today, he continues to move audiences all around the world with his Tower of Power bandmates and many other artists.

The 800 blazing grooves and fills contained in this collection capture the essence of funk drumming, and will undoubtedly elevate your tracks to hit status. Digitally recorded using a combination of choice microphones, tube analog processors then carefully mixed, this is perhaps the most comprehensive loop and sample library by one of the greatest innovators, most influential and most imitated funk drummer in history.

Content Product:
Grooves 66-136 BPM
Snare Side Stick
Snare Flams
Snare + Toms
Tom Flams
Hat Closed Hard
Hat Bell Closed
Hat Closed
Hat Half Open
Hat Open
Hat Step
Ride Bell


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