Hobby Horse Productions – Drums on Demand Vol.04: Country & Crossover (WAV)

By | November 28, 2016


Country & Crossover features a versatile combination of contempory and traditional country as well as crossover pop/rock drumming in 30 Songs Sets™ — featuring more than 660 loops and segments. Like all of our products, Country & Crossover is organized using our patent-pending Song Set™ system, with each Song Set featuring as many as 34 verse, chorus, fill, bridge, break, intro, ending and other loops. Simply find the Master Loop™ that fits your song and use the other country drum loops and segments in the Song Set to quickly build a drum track that feels and sounds like a live drummer playing a real song. The result is the fastest, most flexible way to create a lifelike, high-quality drum performance and mix for your project. Drums on Demand™ delivers the simplicity of drag-and-drop stereo loops, combined with the realism of a session drummer performing in a state-of-the-art studio with a veteran engineer at the console.

•Versatile crossover drumming for Country, Pop and Rock projects
•Power Ballads, Rim Ballads, Brush Ballads
•Straight Mid- and Up-Tempos
•Paddle Balls, Shuffles & More
•60-180 BPM Song Sets
•Straight 4/4 and Some Odd-Time
•Contempory beats & fills
•Patent-Pending organization system
•Many 2-4 bar loops for increased realism
•High end, quality mix
•Includes 40 megs of generic single hits

060 BPM (12_8 Rim Ballad)
063 BPM (Classic Brush Ballad)
064 BPM (12_8 Classic Ballad)
064.8 BPM (Punchy Snare Ballad)
070 BPM (12_8 Vintage Brush Ballad)
071 BPM (Thuddy Snare Ballad)
081 BPM (Funky Country)
084 BPM (Basic Country Brushes)
085 BPM (Aggressive Country)
086 BPM (Mid Tempo Groove)
091 BPM (Country Four on the Floor)
098 BPM (Slow 1_2 Time Ballad)
098 BPM (Smashin Eigth Hats)
103 BPM (Off Beat Country)
104 BPM (Country Rock)
106 BPM (Classic Brush paddleball)
113 BPM (Brushes Train Commin)
117.5 BPM (Straight Ahead Country)
124 BPM (Slammin Contemporary Country)
125.5 BPM (Thin Stick)
128 BPM (6_8 Ballad)
135 BPM (Chunky Chuggin Eigths)
136 BPM (Rockin Country)
140 BPM (Boom Chuck)
150 BPM (Great for Strummin)
150 BPM (Vintage Country Shuffle)
156 BPM (Crackin Snare Boogie)
175 BPM (Smackin Paddleball)
176 BPM (2 Beat Shuffle)
180 BPM (Smashin Boogie)


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