Channel Robot – Kick Factory (KONTAKT)

By | October 10, 2017


In a world where there are millions of samples, to find the sound of a barrel that fits your track and is unique to you, it is still almost impossible, until now … until Kick Factory appeared. Bibiloteca is designed to offer you an almost unlimited range of barrel sounds that are customized intuitively and creatively. Kick Factory gives you the ability to make your drum sounds unique, which no one has ever done.

Choose any two of the 95 multi-sampled drums, mix their levels, invert their phase, if necessary, reconfigure them, change them, even turn them into snares and hi-hat! Then add EQ, transient shaper and compressor. Finally, add up to two spatial effects or special convolutional effect processors – the possibilities are almost limitless. All this is contained in one user-friendly interface Kontakt 5+.

95 Kick Drum Multisamples
768 Total Samples
Kontakt 5+


Publisher : Channel Robot
Website :
Format : KONTAKT



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