Tom Quayle – Blues Guitar Unleashed 2.0, Fusion Lesson Bundle – Day 12 – Finish [Tutorial, ENG]

By | October 3, 2019


Manufacturer : Tom Quayle
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Duration : 26:13:48
Manufacturer Website :
Release Year : 2017
Language : English
Translation : None

Description : Well, friends. Welcome to the end. Well, not all, obviously, but the end of this Devil (a very suitable name for it) is 12 looooonnnnggggg days … well .. Christmas week. I had high hopes for this. Nevertheless, the fact that we did it all the way to the end and that you guys and girls received a very good prize at the end speaks well of its ability to deliver, although it looks like a broken old pickup and less like soup On which I hoped. But let’s admit it, as they say, this is not rocket science, this is computer science

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Blues Guitar Unleashed 2.0: Tom Quayle – Fusion Lesson Bundle
Well my friends. Welcome to the end. Well, not of all things obviously, but the end of this Diabolical (a very apt name for it) 12 looooonnnnggggg days … okay..weeks of Christmas. I did have high hopes for it. However, the very fact that we made it to the end, and that you guys and gals all got a very nice prize at the end speaks well of it’s ability to deliver although somewhat like a broken down old pick-up and less like the souped -up corvette I had hoped for. But let’s face it, as the saying goes, this ain’t rocket science, it’s computer science :).
Now. I know maybe a few of you were hoping for a grand 30 package finale but I have a confession to make. The old bluesman is having a firesale and is down to his last hard-drive. It’s a decent sized one but still gotta save something for the coming sping and summer months. I don’t want to put myself completely out of business. So, we are keeping this short and sweet. And afterall, these two pieces of software will run you upwards of half a grand so it’s not like I’m gippin ‘you or anything.

So the first one is Blues Guitar Unleashed 2.0 from Griff Hamlin over at . This is his fledgling product. The main deal. Well, more like THE deal. You know what I mean. He’s got a ton more stuff on his web site. He’s more like an old school guy. He’s not gonna blow your doors off with a bunch of flashy, shred-tastic Vai or Van Halen like stuff. But he is certainly in command of the old style blues boys. The three kings, BB, Albert and Freddie. Then there’s, more modern stuff like Stevie Ray Vaughan and slow hand Eric Clapton or even some Jimi Page or Hendrix. He is more into tasty well crafted blues lick and is more about style than speed.

And finally, the Finale … the Big Daddy, the one everyone has been waiting for. Here’s hoping beyond hope all this hopin ‘and hype lives up to it’s … well … hype! I’m excited, are you! This badboy has got everything: Jazz Harmony, Soloing Over Dominant 7th Chords (First I have to brush up on my Dominant 7th Chords), Using Chromaticism in Your Playing, Creative use of Pentatonics, Triad Pairs, Guide to the Melodic Minor, Chord Playing and Comping, Improvising using Formulas? (I had no idea there was a formula I could use to Improvise my guitar), Fusion Chordal Playing, Playing Outside and Playing Inside. And that was just the Fusion Essentials my friends !!!

He’s also got his own section for Technique Essentials (Way to go Tom!) So there’s a 35 minute Practice Session to help you to develop the technique, control and stamina called Modern Legato – Timing and Feel. Followed By 3 Parts to the Modern Legato. Part 1 – Modern Legato with Hybrid Picking, Part 2 – Funk and Swing time feeling, and Part 3 – 16th note line improvising.
The next section (Part 3 I guess) is some wicked blues fusion type stuff from beginning to advanced. He lays out some scale maps with chord tone ideas, mixolydian scales, melodic minor scales and diminished ideas.

The second offering in Part 3 is called Tackling the I-IV Movement but God, it is WAY … WAY more. I don’t know where to start. He gives us several examples to fill our Blues palette. The minor pentatonic / Blues Scale. The major Pentatonic ala BB King. The Mixolydian scale, getting more complex ideas. He goes on to tell us Music is all about tension and
release. More complicate blues examples for this are the G Superlocrian and G Diminished, more complex scales for more “color” choices.
And in Part IV …. Whew..I’m getting winded here … Ok..finger cramps. We have all the extras … extras … extras … !!!! First, a full transcription to a funk solo Improvisation along with backing tracks and suggestions for chord changes you can use to solo along with Tom. Next, a two-part 3 hour and twenty minute master class from the longdale hotel from Tom and guests. Goes over phrasing and a plethora of topics for the jazz fusion hungry. And lastly (Is it possible ??!?) A melodic minor scale workout and application.
Discover The Secrets Most Guitar Players Will Never Know About Playing The Blues …

Featured Premium Course
The original most popular selling blues guitar course since 2008. Blues Guitar Unleashed is being used by over 26,372 blues guitar players around the world with more students joining every day.
What makes Blues Guitar Unleashed unique is the systematic approach to blues playing. Each of the 31 lessons follows the previous in terms of technique, skills, and concepts. If you are an intermediate level guitar player the Blues Guitar Unleashed is the only course you’ll ever need to be ready to get on stage or in a group anywhere in the world at any time and feel confident and kill it.

Fusion Lesson Bundle Available NOW !!
Save over $ 100 on the regular lesson price with this fantastic instant download bundle …
This fantastic and great bargain bundle contains ALL of Tom’s lessons from his website. This bundle includes hours and hours of video tuition, tons of PDF files, licks, concepts and backing tracks.
The bundle is priced to save you over $ 100 at only $ 280! (VAT / Sales Tax may be added depending on where you live)
The normal price for all of this material is over $ 400.

The bundle includes all of the following lessons / material: –
Technique Essentials Range: –
Modern Legato Part 1
Modern Legato Part 2
Modern Legato Part 3
Practice Session Vol 1 – Modern Legato
Fusion Blues Playing: –
Tackling the i-iv movement
Modern Licks for the Advancing Blues Player
Extras: –
Langdales Hotel 3hr 20min Masterclass Video
Funk Changes Solo – Full Transcription
Fusion Essentials Range: –
Jazz Harmony / Playing Over Changes
Soloing Over Dominant 7th Chords
Using Chromaticism in Your Playing
Diminished scale harmony
Creative Use of Pentatonics
Improvising with Triad Pairs
Guide to Melodic Minor
Chordal playing & comping
Contemporary II-VI Lines
Improvising Using Formulas
Fusion chordal playing concepts
Playing Outside Creating Tension & Release

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Audio : 48.0 KHz, AAC LC, 2 ch, ~ 159 Kbps


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