Spitfire Audio – Olafur Arnalds Evolutions v1.1.0 (KONTAKT)

By | September 28, 2022


Publisher: Spitfire Audio
Website: spitfireaudio
Quality: 24bit 48kHz stereo

Description: Spiritual frozen evolving strings.
Composer, multi-instrumentalist and BAFTA-winning electronic artist Ólafur Arnalds creates and oversees a select quartet of unique string players who deliver his unique and inspiring aesthetic. With our Evo Grid series, composers, producers and songwriters get instant inspiration and an unimaginable creative edge.
A truly original and inspiring set of instruments conceived in Reykjavik, Iceland, recorded in Berlin, Germany and realized in London, England, which attracts the talents of some true independent thinkers who shed new light on classic European instruments, how to play, use them, handle them, record and process them with a completely new approach.
Recorded in the ultra-class surroundings of Voxton Berlin studios, Ólafur’s hand-picked quartet features the talents of multi-instrumentalist, composer and often collaborator Viktor Orri Árnason along with sophisticated cellist talent Sebastian Selke.
Ólafur Arnalds prescribed his rigorous and original approach to how best to select the microphone, preamps and externals for this project.
The end result is an extremely beautiful set of tools that emerge with delightful and refreshing unpredictability. If you’re looking for something smart, honest, and unique, look no further.

Description :
BAFTA-winning, multi-instrumentalist and producer Ólafur Arnalds mixes strings and piano with loops and edgy rhythms that go from ambient/electronic to pop. In 2009 Olafur formed an experimental techno project called Kiasmos with fellow Icelandic native Janus Rasmussen. And in 2014, Olafur announced his electronic debut album as part of the Kiasmos project.
Ólafur has gained immense fame with new audiences for his BAFTA-winning strings, piano and electronics for British crime drama Broadchurch. He relied heavily on the methods he researched for this project.
The tool uses Spitfire’s revolutionary Evo Grid system to provide you with a virtually infinite number of results. Days were spent creating and discussing ways for players to pick up notes and change them over long periods of time. These notes were then played through several different pitch centers. They were then placed in a grid of pegs based on the ‘Putney’ synthesizer. The pitch is centered down the x-axis, various evolutions or “evos” down to the right. Simply tick which Evo you want, or alternatively, click on our random dice feature to automatically select a unique preset from over 30 trillion possible results!
This product also features a variety of different mic perspectives, as well as custom-made plate IRs that can be customized to sound from intimate and cerebral to ghostly and crisp.
Based on the EMS VCS3 synthesizer, this extraordinary and unique interface provides instant customization. With 1 or 2 clicks, you will be armed with something completely unique and inspiring. Scroll through the Evo Grid to discover and activate Evos that are not visible. Pan and tune each Evo for the perfect mix. Turn 3 useful modulators and effects on or off. Mix your mic positions, all from the front.

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