Big Fish Audio – Island Fever (WAV, REX, AIFF)

By | April 16, 2024


Publisher: Big Fish Audio
Format: WAV, REX, AIFF
Quality: 24 bit | 44.1 kHz | stereo

Description :
Sample library from Big Fish Audio.

Content :
12 Construction Kits
Apple Loops:
• 2.05 GB Total Content
• 390 Apple Loop Files
Acidized WAV:
• 2.08 GB Total Content
• 390 Acidized WAV Files
• 833 MB Total Content
• 461 REX Files

Additional Information :
Mix yourself a Pina Colada, sit back, relax, and discover the soothing contagious sounds of Island Fever. This musically rich collection combines simple progression chords, spiced up with all the unique sounds of Hawaiian, Polynesian and Caribbean music necessary to flavor up your music productions and make them stand out from the rest! All instruments are exceptionally performed and organically recorded: Hawaiian guitar, Steel guitar, Ukulele, Steel drums, Cajon, Congas, Bongos, Guiros, Tamborim, Rainstick, Belltree, Ocean Drum, Woodblocks, Triangle, Shekere, Shakers, Frog Sound, Cowbells, Acoustic bass and Acoustic guitars.
Island Fever consists of 12 fully loaded construction kits of essential sounds needed to create or compliment your project from start to finish.
Track Star producer Josquin des Pres brings together some of the greatest players in the genre to deliver this ultimate collection that depicts a lifestyle all it’s own.

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